the future is searching for you

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The attached audio is a recording of a piece by the idiotplayers. It is part of a collection of music that we look to shortly publish. The spoken word of the piece is partly a poem recollection of a dream at a time in my life when the challenges of self understanding were apparent, as they are again now.

The title line of the piece came out of writing the series of prose pieces posted to this blog entitled six rooms. “The Future is Searching for You”, feels to me like the room called 6 from this series, the room where hyparxis and eternity meet. It is the room where the living future and the living past make contact with you in the field of being.

the future is searching for you
words: gj dominato

this is such a fascination the predilection to scour the seas for a foreign land

and all the while while you are looking that which is looking is looking at you

and if it were possible to record these manifestations in such a way so that they could be studied as they were and are tasking back up and down through the temple of recursion

the future is searching for you

the being in the black car is wearing sunglasses at the stop light

the warehouses just ahead where houses the now seen

at windows standing bold then melting

he smiles at the paranoia

the sometimes driver there stopped at the stop light is most amazed

he smiles too although he does not know why

in the room there is the palpable expiration of something profound

more deeply coming out of the presence of an objective element that has set aside childhood things

the future is searching for you

the players

Gregory Dominato: bass, beats, voice, whistle
Eunji Kim: keyboards, vocal, sounds
produced by the idiotplayers

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