six rooms / the room called 1

Hz. Jalaluddin Rumi speaks of the six dimensions of existence. We agree there is up, down, this way, that way, forward and back. As well, many agree that in reading and contemplating his poetry we are given deeper insights into dimensionality.
JG Bennett beautifully renders a six dimensional image of the schema of the present moment in his masterwork, The Dramatic Universe, Volume 4.

The following is a narrative exploration of the theme of six dimensions riffing mostly off of the six short descriptions given on pages 34-35 of that volume.

First is the the room called 1.

The room called 1

The room called 1 is a room full of the machinery of time. Here is Father Time, or as he is more widely known, His Infinite Entropy. He issues new temporal substance somewhat resembling a fine stream of molten lava from a special gland on the crown of His Head. For a time, the molten substance is pliable and then quickly hardens into something most definitely unshakeable. Turning back, one can walk the labyrinthine passageways of this hardened substance, fixed and immutable, and trace something in the many-upon-many filigree ornaments of the past. Turning foward, one can witness the predetermination of the future forming like an architect’s lines upon the phi-expanding horizon of time. It is this flow of time that echoes in the subjective moment of everything existing, drawing with it its like portion.

As nowi flows into nowi+1 the substance of time in its molten state is a perfect mirror of the collected intelligence of His Infinite Entropy anticipating all of the possible existential contingencies in bridging the moment.

Technicians with advanced graduate degrees work tirelessly in areas such as quantum temporal manifold adjustment, holographic re-uptake inhibition and temporal quantization adjusting and maintaining precise control over the objective unveiling of temporality. And so they are robed appropriately for these high tasks. Some wisecracker on the planet earth once hypothesized these experts as Maxwell’s demons, and so there sprung up special societies to celebrate the mystique. These societies form a secret network among the intelligentsia.

The most guarded secret of the most secret of these societies is the unbelievable truth that all of the advanced learning and effort given to adjust and maintain temporality is entirely inconsequential to the flowing of the infinite progress and regress of time. The only source of time is His Infinite Entropy.

The most secret of all the secrets that His Infinite Entropy keeps entirely to himself is that the only way to perfectly preserve his collected wisdom is to entirely cease the flow of time – and although he may harbour the aim, this is something that is not within his power to do. And so the robed experts exist solely to assuage his acute soliloquy. Although a few of the highest initiates suspect this truth, they do so alone never daring to utter such heresy.

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  1. Divah says:

    Pardon my “Idiocy” in asking who wrote these “room” stories, ideo. This one goes someway towards an answer, I had only read page one.
    Humblest apologies from a
    Demon in trainig. ; )

  2. idio says:

    No worries.

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