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the idiotplayers invites seekers to work cooperatively towards self transformation through the creative process of preparing original arts presentations.

The aim of the idiotplayers is to share in the practice of techniques of psycho-spiritual transformation as the basis for artistic expression.
These techniques include:

  • Inner-exercises to develop deep presence in body, feeling and thought from the Bennett/Gurdjieff tradition.
  • Sacred Temple Dances from Dervish, Tibetan and other traditional sources as taught by GI Gurdjieff.
  • A rich set of being-centered games designed for voice, movement and active sensing to awaken the energies of embodiment.
  • Readings and discussions in spiritual psychology that provide context.

Troupe facilitators, Gregory Dominato and Eunji Kim, draw upon their training and practice from the schools arising out of:

  • The JG Bennett lineage of the Gurdjieff teaching
  • The Contemplative Christian Tradition
  • The Sufi Teaching of Hz. Jalaluddin Rumi.

Gregory trained as an educator and holds a Masters of Education. He teaches English and Media Studies and works with young people and adults to develop creativity and consciousness. He a singer, songwriter, musician and poet.

Eunji is a classically trained pianist and a dance/movement facilitator for people of all abilities. She is trained as an expressive arts therapist at ISIS-Canada and has devoted several years to living within monastic communities in France and Switzerland. She currently focuses on teaching piano to students with mental and physical challenges.